Thursday, December 30, 2010

a trio to read

Okay so I know I said that I had to go think about what to tell you to read....I have really eclectic taste in books okay!  But I have figured out what I want to talk about first so here it goes....a threesome!!!!!
LOL...I know it's a new concept for some and fantasy for others.  But just so you can understand my choice let me give you the titles. And if you have read them already and have a respectful comment to share- please feel free to do so.  I will try to respond back to the comments.
Please read them in order if you can.  It will help keep certain scenes better anchored in your mind.  Pack Challenge, Go Fetch!, and Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston.  The trio is about three best friends that have changes to adjust to, love, and fight (my favorite). In my opinion the more argumentative the book, the better the spicy scenes. In the first of the set is Pack Challenge in which the lead, Sara, is a shifter that doesn't know she's a shifter.  She had a grandmother that could have taught the devil lessons in meaness. So her sole reason for keeping a somewhat level head was the other two girls in her life. In comes a biker alpha-to-be, Zach, who "helps" her get into her "skin". 
The second part of the trio is Go Fetch! in which the lead female is Miki, a genius computer hacker that has a hard time getting her brain to calm down, so in comes Zach's best friend Conall- an extremely tall Viking shifter that believes in getting his man...umm mate...ummm genius woman.  (As you can tell I like this book better than the first.)  I happen to like books in which zesty spirit is shown.  Miki is a black woman that has no problem destroying anything that messes with the people she considers hers....literally.  And to tell you the truth- while I knew she was a black woman, Laurenston handled it in such a way that a 1/2 white/ 1/2 Indian chickie such as myself could lose the whole race scene.  Which to be honest was quite refreshing...I don't like being hit over the head with the whole "interracial couple" theme in some books.  It shouldn't matter if the woman is one race and the man is another.
And so we have come to the last book in the threesome!  Here Kitty, Kitty and I have to personal favorite of the  This is a latina woman,Angelina, that is use to men falling over her because of her beauty...but don't be fooled- remember who her best friends are (a feral shifter white woman and a genius hacker black woman.) So you know that she can kick butt if she has to....she just has to look good while doing it.  But what really impressed me was that the fact that Angelina didn't care about staying thin or dieting...She made the comment -"There's no same in having an X in front of that L."  Not to mention the cheeseburger, fries, real soda, and loads of ketchup she could eat without regret (and the ribs, fried chicken, sweet tea, and other normal fatty foods that normals like me eat.)  While I know she wasn't a size 18- she also wasn't a size 6 either.  She enjoyed being feminine, watching tv, music, and life.  But she also took care of business---hey someone has to hit a tiger in the head with the toplid of a toliet...even if the tiger was in his human skin at that point.  *Smile*  Like I said...the third one was my favorite-when it comes to leading ladies...but of the men- I'm torn...think on it...You have Zach- use to dealing with nuts-which these three ladies are (whipcord lean, deliciously hot), Conall- 7 ft tall and seems bulletin proof (muscles, able to handle short mad geniuses, patient, loves trying new positions), and Nik- southern boy charm, with brothers ya'll, takes care of his people, loves to tease (built but makes a suit look good, caramel on a stick). Who to hard to decide...hey---all three!!!
Tell me what you think- did you enjoy them?  Did you find them lukewarm?  Were they not what you were looking for?  Too hot?  Not hot enough?
Comment people!
For other random reads:

Sunday, December 26, 2010


So down here in Lumberton, NC we don't see a lot of snow....especially snow without a ton of ice.  But today we got a couple almost 4 inches. How awesome is that! Seriously, we have this week to enjoy the winter scene, so if it lingers around I won't mind.  I don't have to be back at work until next Monday.  The buses are not on the road because school is out- so it's fun for the kids and the dog!  So of course I plan on enjoying my winter wonderland this year.  This is the closest to a White Christmas for us since 1989.  I know that some people just don't know how to drive in the snow- an in my opinion they need to get someone else to do the driving for them.  Just so that those that don't live around here can understand what I am talking about- let me paint you a visual.
                   It starts to snow...just a few flurries....everyone heads to the grocery store for milk, bread, and eggs...don't ask me we have about an inch (that will not be there later in the day mind you) and everything is closed down.  All the schools, churches, most of the businesses, all mom and pop places...and in the midst of this little bit of snow- Walmart, Food Lion, and Dob's gas station will stay
So I hope that now you understand the reason that I am enjoying the fact that I can have my snow without having to make up a day teaching!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I know that I haven't been blogging as much lately...and while I have good reason- that is not a good excuse.  I'll admit to having a little time between the Christmas play, School, Students, know- all the biggies.  I just didn't feel like blogging....I know- not cool.  *Smile* But that's okay.  Besides if you can see my house right now you would know that I haven't been doing anything but being lazy.  Upside- it's the Christmas break of my life...I get to clean, wash dishes (for stuff I didn't cook), wash clothes (that I didn't wear), and wash the dog (who really needs the bath).  But I am teaching my niece how to grill a ham and cheese sandwich on the stove.  I told my nephew I would teach him to grill a peanut butter and jelly if he wanted....he said "NO!" very emphatically.....wonder if he means he doesn't want to learn to grill a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
I have bread I need to make for the next couple of days... I wanted to try a new receipe but I couldn't find one I liked.  Anyone have a good sweet bread receipe that I can make for a family with two diabetics?  Really need the help here.  I need to go help wrap I'll catch ya on the flip side!

Found a New Blog!!!

I like the do-it-yourself kind of blogs that tells all kinds of tips to fix small and sometimes big problems with organizing your life.  The one that I called Infinity Goods blog.  I know...not the most interesting name out there but she has some cool tips...such as a kitchen colander in the bathroom to help with kiddie toys.  I really never thought about your a colander to help with the drainage and storage of those bath toys..but how cool is that.  Still I am on the lookout for more organizing ideas though.  ohohoh...forgot to tell you always make sure you come back and please tell me if you know of any other organizer blogs, tips, ideas, or anything that might help an under-paid school teacher

Friday, October 29, 2010

Okay so a new prize at BBB

They are having a new contest this time and the Prize: Rachel Caine is giving away an iPad!! She’s giving away the 16GB Wi-Fi edition ($499 value)......hey guys how can you  beat that. Come join the discussion and enter to win that iPad at
and make sure that you visitor any other author's page that catches your eyes...can never have enough
If you want to buy a copy of Rachel's new book...just click on the link and enjoy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BBB's newest contest and author

So once again I am back to providing you with my dazzling wit and snarky Bitten By Books is having another contest. J.K. Beck is the featured author and if you want to read her books or if you have no idea what they are about please go to and check it out.
You could win a kindle or other really good prizes. But get there before Monday Oct. 11th or you could miss out on a chance to win.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back from Vacation

So I am back from Disney World....jealous huh?  Don't was great but you can go too with a little secret that I found.  Save your change...I am serious!  My mom and I took my niece and nephew with us to Disney World.  Because we went with a group of more than 10 people- we got a discount on the rooms during peak time.  We also help car washes and dinners in order to help everyone afford the payments.  But the biggest help for us was saving our change.  Everyday we took the change out of our pockets and put it in a jar.  We didn't count it or even go in it (if we could help it).  Mama worked on this for about 8 months and I did it for about 5 months.  Mama kept putting daddy's change in there  When we took it to the bank coin changer Mama had over $500 saved and I had over $200 saved.  I didn't keep as much change in my pocket b/c the vending machines at work didn't always take bills.  But that's okay because the last supplement check that I got (I teach and I get 2 a year) I had planned to use for DW.  So overall I think that we did really well....especially considering that we collected change (mostly pennies and dimes) and not dollars.  We plan to go the winter next time so we have begun to save our change again.  This time I am adding whatever I have in my pockets- if possible.  This should be good....don't know if we'll take both of the kids back with us but I know that they want to go.  Hopefully it will turn out great.  Esp. since I will have to take off from school to think that my kids would enjoy having a sub---NOT...they get more work with a sub than without one...hahaha- bad

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bitten By Books Contests!

So Rachel is having another contest on her site today....for a kindle this time....come and get it.  Do a little commenting on Nicole Peeler's column and sign up.  Don't forget to check in on other's author's blogging and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse to soon follow

So I plan to watch Eclipse tomorrow...would have like to watch it tonight but unlike some of my special friends.....I didn't get tickets for it....which is unfair.  They knew I'd want to watch...but I'm not upset..a little jealous- but not upset.  Have to say though....I am looking forward to watching this one as it is my favorite of the Twilight series.  I love the whole- I'm Switzerland" deal Belle has plus the teamwork that finally helped everyone get along- at least for a while.  Really looking foward to tomorrow...Wanna come?  Please do!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Running Hot....not so much

Okay so I read Running was okay....not the best work I've read but for a quickie, it was decent.  I have to say that it could have been hotter.  Since it wasn't....on to more interesting topics......So I read Moira Roger's 1st book in the Red Rock Pass series....loved it.... will definitely have to get the rest.... I even downloaded Amazon's version of a kindle for it...yeah darlings...I used actual computer space for her book... Am I cool or what...I know- behind times but when I get the money to blow I will buy a Kindle for little ol' the mean time....share your knowledge...tell me what book I should get next...catch ya on flip side.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zena Wynn's Mary and the Bear

Okay I didn't read Running Hot yet.  But if you remember I'd already told you that I wasn't really looking forward to it.  But another new author was recommended to me and I have to say that I like her stuff.  It's not on par with Shelly Laurenston, but she is pretty decent.  I read Zena Wynn's  Mary and the Bear.  I liked it.  It was a little different than a lot of the shifter books I've read.  It seems way too easy to become a shifter if you are the "true mate" to one for one thing.  Another thing that was a little strange is the lack of shifter hierarchy as with most of paranormal shifter series.  Usually there is the whole "who's more alpha" and "who should be the top dog" mentality that I usually read. Not to say that someone isn't the "top dog" but there are a lot of different kinds of shifters living in the same town and they get along's the outsiders that they have the most problems with.  But back to the dynamics within the book- Mary Elizabeth has lost her twin (no real lost though when you read the book) and is trying to get away and stay away from a controlling mother that made the comment  -Why couldn't it have been Mary Elizabeth that died?-at the twin's funeral.  So M. E.'s best friend gives her that opportunity by inviting her to manage a new store in "shifter" town.  But Mary doesn't know it's shifter town until after she gets there and said friend explains that while she's under the alpha's protection- other shifters want a mate and she is going to be introduced to them. Luckily for Ms. Mary the guy she is renting an apartment from is a bear shifter and he has his sights set on her.  The erotic scenes with the book isn't bad...but if you like the more hardcore stuff then you might want to leave this book alone.  Wynn is a little more tame then most of the more sexier shifter books, but she is more hardcore than Nalini Singh..almost like Lora Leigh in a way. But like I said in the beginning- I did like her book.  I liked it enough that I also got True Mates and  Nikolai's Wolf. And in case your question is- should you read them in order- the answer is as long as you read the three books together it can be a little out of order but read all three around the same time.  Here is the other reason I said Wynn's shifter books were a little strange/different.  She seems to write three stories at one time.  I really mean that too.  The first book seems to be True Mates the second one Mary and the Bear and the third is Nikolai's Wolf.  The reason I said seems to be is because the timing of the books happen in the same month and each book seems to switch from one character's story to the next.  If you can keep all that straight then you would enjoy the books.  Otherwise- don't attempt it.  It was almost like trying to read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hunting Julian by Jacquelyn Frank

I've finished Hunting Julian and I am sorry that I didn't get back on to talk about it but after teaching for the past 10 months...I deserve a break.  I enjoyed Jacki's book and I am looking forward to reading the next one.  I did have somewhat of a problem suspending belief in a few parts.  It wasn't from the lack of trying but this one didn't flow as easily as the Shadowdwellers and the Demons series.  I did like the fact that the authority was shown up but I had some problems with the background.  I wanted to know why they were in charge, how did the Gatherers get picked- did they show power or promise and if so how? I wanted a little more of the background and I didn't get it.  at least it didn't feel like I did.  In her Demons series, Jacki gave plenty of background and explained that Demons weren't really bad and that Druids helped/harmed the image/lifestyle.  The leaders were chosen because of heredity and show of power.  In her Shadowdwellers series it was the same, but in the Gatherers series all I know is that if you are powerful you may become a member of the Ampliphi but I don't understand how become there are check off list that says you have now learned all you need to know and if so- how come there aren't more members of the Ampliphi?  But the upside is the story with Julian and Asia was very well written- by this I mean while the background might have been lacking the storyline between those two characters was cohesive and flowed like I expect from Jacki.  Maybe the second book will give me more of the background I'm looking for and if not- Jacki is getting a message from

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Books books and more books

Ok so I am reading a few books this week.  Yes I will have about 5 read in 3 days....not unusual for me.  What's unusual is that I haven't finished a book that fast in a couple of months because of work/school.  So I have catching up to do.  Jacquelyn Frank has started writing a new series called the Gatherers.  I am starting it today.  I know I'm late to the party but---school closing-students' last day- and paperwork to get ready for next year.  That takes a while when you teach so I usually make up for the lack of reading time on weekends, holidays, and summer.  I am starting Hunting Julian today.  Will probably have it finished by 5 barring unforseen circumstances.  Then I plan to read Jayne Ann Krentz's Running Hot...not really looking forward to that one as much but it was recommended and I plan to read it. I might be surprised.  Should have that one done by midnight tonight.  I'll be saying what I think about them I liked them or not.

Ok so the blog battle is least this

So I enjoyed the blog battle...couldn't get on the computer as much as I would like seeing that it's the end of school and I had to get the students' paperwork done by Monday.  I spent yesterday actually finishing it up.  I haven't had to work on the last day for teachers in 8 years.  This was so not cool.  I like being able to walk around and talk to the teachers before we leave for the summer.  I won't be seeing some of them this summer as they will go up North to see family or vacations to get out of RobCo.  This year I couldn't and I have to say I am disappointed.  But on the plus side my Boos...previous students...came to see me!  I am so proud of my graduating darlings...they worked so hard.  I hope and pray that they make it in the profession that they choose.  They will need all the help they can get to resist temptation enough to finish college and get a degree.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Team Vampire Lumberjack

So Moira Rogers is running a blog battle....This is not my contest or battle.  I just a lowly Lady in Battle that is hoping to express her thoughts in a clear enough way so that the Ms. General is impressed.  Also it would help gather troops for my defense of Team Vampire Lumberjack..and leave my opponents in the hair lying on the ground....So here goes a little information.
So remember to leave a comment and be prepared to defend it.
It's Team Vampire Lumberjack versus Team Werewolf Bootlegger. 
Normally I am for the matter what...but that word...Lumberjack.  It makes you think of sweaty men, muscles bulging and physical "wooden" activity.  I am not saying that a Bootlegger can't "dance" but a vampire that climbs trees, yells timber and works outside...He just has to have that extra "ummpphh" needed to make you close your eyes.  So I would have to say that I am totally Team Vampire Lumberjack.  Besides... just think how much fun it could be to "warm-up" the Vampire...Werewolves are already heated up without the .. You want to check out what I am talking about click here:

Before you decide to go against my team let me explain a few things:
Vampires have strength, stamina, are highly "combustible" (wowzer) and you don't have to cook for no clean up either..(yeah Vampies)  Yes, your neck may look good, but they don't take without giving..if you catch my drift...also you don't have to worry about that turkey wattle you call a neck--if you date a Vampire....they don't care about the package...they are all about the "inside"  Vampires also have a tendency to be "up" at a mortal's bedtime and you don't have to worry about having tests taken or even getting a rabies shot...Now before you make the mistake of thinking that I don't enjoy a little werewolf romance..remember this is a blog battle for one or the other...but if I could make the ultimate sacrifice of body  I would definitely have a wolf/vamp

Let's hear it for the Vamps!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia

So I went to see the new Disney film, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, yesterday with my brother, mother, niece, and my conscience.  No I am not telling you that it was the best movie I've seen from Disney.  However, it was good...not awesomely great, but good.  I loved the character that Jake Gyllenhal plays.  It was not stagnent like many action characters can be.  Gyllenhal's characte is Dastan... an orphan that runs amok and is given a chance to become Prince of Persia by the sheer force of personality and courage that he displays when the king first sees him.....The movie itself seems to be Moses meets Aladin with a ton of gymanstics thrown in for good measure.  I really liked Dastan and Gyllenhal filled those shoes problem is that without Gyllenhaal I wouldn't have watched the film.  The other characters doesn't seem to be as strongly represented.  You mostly see Dastan and his search for a way to save his family.  Princess Tamina, played by Gemma Artenton, could have been a great foil for Dastan if we could have seen her "grow" more as Dastan does.  The relationship between those character reminded me of The Scorpion King...hostile, hostile, hostile-- until her people's life depends on him.  I would say that it was worth the ticket for the movie but not the popcorn.  I don't think that I will be buying this movie for my house collection..maybe for the school collection- no cussing, no sex, no nakedness, no major problems- except the deaths that happened- but not my personal collection for family...I think that it had the potential to be great but it fell a little short of my greatness mark.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

So I took the kids to watch the 3D version of "How to Train Your Dragon" and I have to admit I liked the movie.  The extra charge for the 3d glasses and 3d experience just wasn't worth it to me.  I think that I would have enjoyed it with the regular version playing as well as I did the 3d.  Besides it would have been cheaper. I am not saying that no 3d movie isn't worth the price of the ticket, but this movie didn't have enough "effects" for the extras.  There was only a couple of instances in which the 3d was nice...and that was mostly in the beginning and in the commericals.  It was like the movie was not given the extra uummmph that was needed to make it a great 3d movie.  That being said, I really enjoyed the movie.  I plan to take my second grade students to watch it and I know they will enjoy it.  I would like to point out though that if you read the book....the movie wasn't like that.  The ending was pretty different even though some of the events were placed in it. But I think that this was one of the few movies that doesn't leave you saying "that didn't happen" or "in the book.....happened instead."  So I would recommend this movie...especially for the 10 and under group.  My darlings are 9 and 10 and they enjoyed it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice in

So I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie and I have to say that it wasn't bad.  The cartoon from Disney really got on my nerves because half of the time it didn't make sense. This version was actually decent in my opinion.  I wouldn't say that is was the best Disney movie but for an Alice flick it was cool.  I liked the Sy Fy version better but that is neither here nor there.  Based on theater seats in my town, others liked it too.  I think that overall the new Alice was a strong character that didn't seem too dopey.  Johnny Depp as the Hatter was great.  It gave a new meaning to madness..or breakdown in this case.  The acting was well done and the CG was great.  I loved the fact that the Red Queen had such a hugh head and that the White Queen wouldn't hurt a living thing..but had no problem with the  Because the Alice movie is set after young Alice has grown up, the movie is a little more mature than the animated version.  The Hatter is heard to say "You are always either too tall or too short" and at one point it looked like he wanted to kiss Alice.  ***Spoiler***** The Jabberwocky's head bounding down the stairs made me glad that it was rated PG...but that was the only "Parental" advice needed.  There wasn't any cussing or nakedness..not to mention no making out or anything else that I wouldn't like to see for a kid's movie.  So I would say:  thumbs up as a family movie.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Percy Jackson Movie Review

Okay so last night I watch the new Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie... It was good don't get me wrong, but I spent so much time saying "That is not how it happened in the book" and "Where is (different character's name)?"  If I hadn't read the books I might have been happier while watching the movie.  Luckily I am adaptable.  The books are great for my 6th grade tutoring students.  The movie was enjoyable for the whole family. It was funnier than the book in a way.  There were moments in the movie that was explained in the book in a way the movie couldn't and didn't.  For instance, in the book Percy's mom was not rescued by Percy and in the movie was and she even showed the kids how to get to Olympus which she shouldn't have known about because she is mortal. Or how about the reason that the gods and their offspring:  in the book it was that the Big 3 were not to have any children with mortals because of a prophesy and in the movie it was that no gods or goddesses could have contact with their offspring because of chance they risk in becoming more human.   The whole thing lacked the suspense that made the books so good.  The movie lacked the personality that the books had. 
While I recognize that the director wanted to make sure that his Harry Potter deal wasn't repeated, it wouldn't have been better for those that have read the book if it had followed a little more closely...especially since Percy Jackson is a series of books.  If they plan to continue making movies based on the book series, the other movies may have a lot of backtracking to do to make sure that characters that were left out of first movie show up in a way that makes sense. Especially since a few of those leftout characters are important in later books in the series.  For instance two characters that were in the first book were Clarisse and Ares, which were not even in the movie or thought of.  Something else that seemed a little strange was Percy's mom's willingness to "get rid of" stinky (you have to read the book or watch the movie to find out who this character is) when in the book she "stoned" stinky.  (Once again this is an event you will have to read the book to understand.)  The movie and the book portrays her as "self-sacrifing" and just throwing him out just doesn't flow in the scheme of  "protecting Percy from the monsters."   As  much as I enjoyed the movie, I still think that holding to the book would have made the movie better and would have had less of a "why" aspect. 
On to the acting portion of this review:  The character Percy is played by Logan Lerman.  I have to say that the kid did a great job showing insercurity and strength.  He was a good choice for Percy.  He didn't overact and he delivered a believable performance.  Alexandra Daddario was Annabeth.  She was good but showing more of Annabeth's "powers of stratedgy" was have been better.  Daddario's character seemed a little flat in the movie while the book had Annabeth as more of an angry but sticks to the rules kind of person.  Brandon T. Jackson was great in the movie version of Grover...I don't know if he would have been able to pull off the book version of insecure and earnest Grover though. I don't plan to go into the other characters as this time, maybe later.  Just understand that the movie and the book were different.  If you are a die hard stick to the book person...don't watch it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think that I could be a movie critic

I love to watch movies, but I do have a little standard... I only like the movies I  I love to watch movies.  It helps you to think outside the box and gives you a chance to get out of your head.  I'm sitting here watching Oceans 13 and it is so much fun.  I really like the 3rd one.  Not the other 2 weren't good, but this one was about justice, not revenge or helping yourself.
I also love to watch the Bring It movie series.. for teeny bobs I like the 3rd and 4th better.  The first is not bad but I really don't like the 2nd movie.  It's just a couple of cool movies to watch with the preteens.  The teenagers nowadays would think that it's a little too "pretty" or "clean-cut" for them but for the younger kids it's cool.
If you like Eliza Dushku and you are a fan of the horror genre then you may enjoy  Open Graves. It's kind of cool for a sci-fi/horror flick.  It has a more sinister board game Jumanji almost feel to it.  The main difference is that the players' (about 6 of them) lifes are affected as the game is played.  It truly is a life or death game being played.  As Eliza's character states, "Everybody can win or everybody can lose" and that pretty much depends on the game, how you play it, and your intentions (character/personality).
Avatar is great movie.  The problem I have with it, is the language within it.  I understand that it really wasn't made for the kids but a lot of kids went to watch it.  And I know the main character had a military background but the movie wasn't about the military until the last 30 minutes or so.  There could have been a way around the majority of cuss words being used. I would have been happy to watch this movie with my niece and nephew (8 and 10) as many times as they would have wanted if not for the language.  As it was I went with my brother first so that I could see if I wanted my kids to see this movie and I wouldn't even take them.  I plan to buy the movie true, but I would not ever take kids under 15 to see the movie.  The movie had great CG (computer generated) effects and the relationships between the characters didn't become intimate on the screen.  The characters has a great rhythm with one another but the main relationship was between the characters and the planet and life as a whole.  I fully recommend it to my friends from college and we are the anime sect without being "immersed" in the culture.
As of right now that is as far as I want to go in my critic career.  I haven't gone to the movies in about 2 weeks so I'll have to wait for the next one that I "have" to see before I can chew the movie fat with you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chuck me in the shallow water

I feel like I am trying to tread water in mud. A friend leaves our boss's office crying and she won't tell me what is going on.  Well she said it had something to do with her not "being at her station" when the students came down the hall.  But in her defense, they let the students go 5 minutes early and her daughter had to go to the bathroom.  I don't know when we got to the point in which everyone has more rights than teachers, but we are there.  I would like to be able to offer comfort but she was told it could cost her job if she talked to anyone... how does that help someone cope with stress and stuff that life pushes in your face if you are not allowed to speak unless you want to lose your job.  I mean really...I wasn't asking for details... I just want to make sure that my friend is okay.  I want to know that she understands that I am there if she needs me and that she can get through it with God's help.  But I can't advise anyone when I don't know what is going on.  I can only say "Take it to the Lord in prayer" and pray for her myself.  Why is it okay to hurt people and to not see both sides of the story?  Why do we even try to be fair in today's society?  We tread water that is mostly mud.  We breathe air that is so thick that we choke.  So chuck me in the shallow water before I get too deep.  Give me breath that I don't have to swallow.  I want to see through glass that is transparent and not rose colored.  Things are not black and white.  They never have been.  Gray is such a strong part of us that we can't see it anymore. It's one way or the other and compromise is never heard from.  The same person should not get their own way all the time.  It's not good for anyone to have everything the way they want it to be. 
I guess I'll try to talk to her again and if she doesn't want to talk, I'll pray.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mythbusters, Whiz Kids, Misfits of Science, or The Secret life of an American Teenager

I watch Mythbusters pretty regularly.  I have to say that I am a fan and enjoy watching the myths being tested.  That being said.. I really like the episode in which they take on McGuyver. I think McGuyver was a great show because it was fun to watch and had a lot of critical thinking decisions that were made by Mac.  Well, on Mythbusters...Jamie and Adam stated that they enjoyed McGuyver got me to thinking...were the shows from the late 70s and early 90s better for the youth than the shows that are seen today? Case in point "Whiz Kids" verses "The Secret Life of an American Teenager."  WK is about a group of friends that use a computer to solve mysteries.  TSLoaAT is about a girl that gets preganent and still attends high school.  Wk showed that kids using computers and building their own is a positive thing.  TSL is about bad decisions being a little gloried.  I am not saying that there isn't anything positive about TSL but when the series revolves around an accidental preggo girl who then has two boys almost chasing after her, how is this suppose to discourage teen pregancy?   Maybe I am looking at this wrong but sometimes I wonder if the only thing worth watching is old movies and tv series.. when I can find the whole collection.  I guess that's why I'm on the computer so much.. old well.TTYL

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mr. Darcy

So I don't have a Mr. Darcy.  I wonder how one goes about getting one for her own?  The man that the character was based had to exist. And if not then what was he? A dream, a thought, an ideal?  If he was only an ideal then I would hate to imagine the kinds of men that Darcy was the antithesis of.  Were they men of hypocrisy or bigotry?  Maybe men of conceit and lacking in intelligence or maybe even men that lacked faith in the fact that women had reasons for their decisions other than the chance to be  a part of the social elite.The image of Darcy walking through the fog in order to talk and grab at his one chance at happiness grips me.  I would dearly love to be able to know that someone loved me enough to throw caution and status to wind just to be with me.  Not to mention that he asked her twice, put his pride on the line the last time, to be his bride.  To give him the chance to show her that they could make a match of it and not a muck of it.
The reason I don't think that he offered his pride the first is that he thought that she should be "grateful" for the chance to be his wife.  I think that he was very shocked to know that she didn't want to be his bride because of her pride for her family.  I love the fact that at the end of the book she understands that she has let her own pride and prejudice be a stumbling block for her chance at a marriage with a man that would dote on her and try to please her.  I mean look at  Darcy's sister, she only slightly protested the gifts he gave her and just accepted that he gave her what she wished for or longed for.
I am glad that we don't call our husbands..and wives.. Mr. "Bennet" or Mrs. "Bennet"  I mean, really andthe fact that two of the sisters only cared about meeting men and looking for another change to get married.  How crazy is that.  But then again this is coming from someone that did not grow up in that age.  I might have been just like Kitty.  Which if I had to choose, I think that I would rather be like Lizzie.  I am not beautiful enough to be Jane.   I suspect that I would have been Lizzie's best friend Charlotte.  Trying to find a way to better my station because my parents haven't a dime and no estate to pass on to me once they had died. Oh well, I guess that's why the Good Lord made sure I was born in these times and not the ones from before.  I don't even know if I could have survived the 50s and 60s with a sane mind..  Especially if my mother was like Lizzie's.  But I can understand her thinking in wanting the best for her daughters.  She did as thought she should in order for them to have a better life or at least a life in which they were taken care of.  Not to mention how greatly she judge the weather and the like.  LOL
Well, "the bright day is done, and we are for the dark." (Shakespeare)
In other words, good night all

Friday, January 1, 2010

Movies: The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

So I will admit I went to see the Squeakquel.  I went with my mom and my brother Phillip.  It was funny and surprisingly true to life in the way kids react and bully and tease at school.  The jocks that picked on the new kids... the one that was so use to the attention suddenly not getting it and decides to trash/threaten then become friendly with the one who is.  Also the fact that students seem to think that social status and popularity is more important than family activities and feelings of siblings.  On a positive note, I loved the music and the fact that the movie had the principal love the Chipmunks. It shows that principals and other staff members are people too.  As a teacher I love it when you find movies that show teachers are people that try to help, listen, and try to better their school- not just as those people that lecture, bore others, sleep, and pretty much are a negative aspect of school to the students.  I also liked the fact that the principal in the story was able to control a multitude with just a finger.  That was so funny to me.
So for right now I will be signing off for a little while.  I will let you know that I plan to buy the CD..not necessarily the DVD.  I love music remember... and this had some great songs in it.

New Year's Eve

So here I am, once again since leaving Greenville, alone on New Year's Eve.  I guess I should have went over to a couple of friend's place for New Year's or gone to the church for the New Year's service.  Oh well.  AToo late now.  So I have no idea what I'll be doing next year but hopefully I will enjoy the ride.  If I'm lucky I will still have my family and friends and my boo (dog).  If I am real lucky I might have a Heaven sent guy with me too.  So I guess I will watch the ball drop on tv and listen to some music on the laptop.  Oh I am running an experiment.  I am going to see if the laptop turns off at midnight.  Someone from the tech dept decided it would be a great idea to turn my laptop on automatic shutdown... I hope it doesn't work because I would hate to have to ask them to fix it....I'll be back in a little while... I will be checking in from time to time tonight.

Guess what.. it did turn itself off.  But I know how to fix it.. fix the person that did