Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse to soon follow

So I plan to watch Eclipse tomorrow...would have like to watch it tonight but unlike some of my special friends.....I didn't get tickets for it....which is unfair.  They knew I'd want to watch...but I'm not upset..a little jealous- but not upset.  Have to say though....I am looking forward to watching this one as it is my favorite of the Twilight series.  I love the whole- I'm Switzerland" deal Belle has plus the teamwork that finally helped everyone get along- at least for a while.  Really looking foward to tomorrow...Wanna come?  Please do!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Running Hot....not so much

Okay so I read Running Hot...it was okay....not the best work I've read but for a quickie, it was decent.  I have to say that it could have been hotter.  Since it wasn't....on to more interesting topics......So I read Moira Roger's 1st book in the Red Rock Pass series....loved it.... will definitely have to get the rest.... I even downloaded Amazon's version of a kindle for it...yeah darlings...I used actual computer space for her book... Am I cool or what...I know- behind times but when I get the money to blow I will buy a Kindle for little ol' me...lol.....in the mean time....share your knowledge...tell me what book I should get next...catch ya on flip side.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zena Wynn's Mary and the Bear

Okay I didn't read Running Hot yet.  But if you remember I'd already told you that I wasn't really looking forward to it.  But another new author was recommended to me and I have to say that I like her stuff.  It's not on par with Shelly Laurenston, but she is pretty decent.  I read Zena Wynn's  Mary and the Bear.  I liked it.  It was a little different than a lot of the shifter books I've read.  It seems way too easy to become a shifter if you are the "true mate" to one for one thing.  Another thing that was a little strange is the lack of shifter hierarchy as with most of paranormal shifter series.  Usually there is the whole "who's more alpha" and "who should be the top dog" mentality that I usually read. Not to say that someone isn't the "top dog" but there are a lot of different kinds of shifters living in the same town and they get along great...it's the outsiders that they have the most problems with.  But back to the dynamics within the book- Mary Elizabeth has lost her twin (no real lost though when you read the book) and is trying to get away and stay away from a controlling mother that made the comment  -Why couldn't it have been Mary Elizabeth that died?-at the twin's funeral.  So M. E.'s best friend gives her that opportunity by inviting her to manage a new store in "shifter" town.  But Mary doesn't know it's shifter town until after she gets there and said friend explains that while she's under the alpha's protection- other shifters want a mate and she is going to be introduced to them. Luckily for Ms. Mary the guy she is renting an apartment from is a bear shifter and he has his sights set on her.  The erotic scenes with the book isn't bad...but if you like the more hardcore stuff then you might want to leave this book alone.  Wynn is a little more tame then most of the more sexier shifter books, but she is more hardcore than Nalini Singh..almost like Lora Leigh in a way. But like I said in the beginning- I did like her book.  I liked it enough that I also got True Mates and  Nikolai's Wolf. And in case your question is- should you read them in order- the answer is as long as you read the three books together it can be a little out of order but read all three around the same time.  Here is the other reason I said Wynn's shifter books were a little strange/different.  She seems to write three stories at one time.  I really mean that too.  The first book seems to be True Mates the second one Mary and the Bear and the third is Nikolai's Wolf.  The reason I said seems to be is because the timing of the books happen in the same month and each book seems to switch from one character's story to the next.  If you can keep all that straight then you would enjoy the books.  Otherwise- don't attempt it.  It was almost like trying to read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hunting Julian by Jacquelyn Frank

I've finished Hunting Julian and I am sorry that I didn't get back on to talk about it but after teaching for the past 10 months...I deserve a break.  I enjoyed Jacki's book and I am looking forward to reading the next one.  I did have somewhat of a problem suspending belief in a few parts.  It wasn't from the lack of trying but this one didn't flow as easily as the Shadowdwellers and the Demons series.  I did like the fact that the authority was shown up but I had some problems with the background.  I wanted to know why they were in charge, how did the Gatherers get picked- did they show power or promise and if so how? I wanted a little more of the background and I didn't get it.  at least it didn't feel like I did.  In her Demons series, Jacki gave plenty of background and explained that Demons weren't really bad and that Druids helped/harmed the image/lifestyle.  The leaders were chosen because of heredity and show of power.  In her Shadowdwellers series it was the same, but in the Gatherers series all I know is that if you are powerful you may become a member of the Ampliphi but I don't understand how become one...is there are check off list that says you have now learned all you need to know and if so- how come there aren't more members of the Ampliphi?  But the upside is the story with Julian and Asia was very well written- by this I mean while the background might have been lacking the storyline between those two characters was cohesive and flowed like I expect from Jacki.  Maybe the second book will give me more of the background I'm looking for and if not- Jacki is getting a message from me...lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Books books and more books

Ok so I am reading a few books this week.  Yes I will have about 5 read in 3 days....not unusual for me.  What's unusual is that I haven't finished a book that fast in a couple of months because of work/school.  So I have catching up to do.  Jacquelyn Frank has started writing a new series called the Gatherers.  I am starting it today.  I know I'm late to the party but---school closing-students' last day- and paperwork to get ready for next year.  That takes a while when you teach so I usually make up for the lack of reading time on weekends, holidays, and summer.  I am starting Hunting Julian today.  Will probably have it finished by 5 barring unforseen circumstances.  Then I plan to read Jayne Ann Krentz's Running Hot...not really looking forward to that one as much but it was recommended and I plan to read it. I might be surprised.  Should have that one done by midnight tonight.  I'll be saying what I think about them soon...lol...whether I liked them or not.

Ok so the blog battle is over...at least this one..lol

So I enjoyed the blog battle...couldn't get on the computer as much as I would like seeing that it's the end of school and I had to get the students' paperwork done by Monday.  I spent yesterday actually finishing it up.  I haven't had to work on the last day for teachers in 8 years.  This was so not cool.  I like being able to walk around and talk to the teachers before we leave for the summer.  I won't be seeing some of them this summer as they will go up North to see family or vacations to get out of RobCo.  This year I couldn't and I have to say I am disappointed.  But on the plus side my Boos...previous students...came to see me!  I am so proud of my graduating darlings...they worked so hard.  I hope and pray that they make it in the profession that they choose.  They will need all the help they can get to resist temptation enough to finish college and get a degree.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Team Vampire Lumberjack

So Moira Rogers is running a blog battle....This is not my contest or battle.  I just a lowly Lady in Battle that is hoping to express her thoughts in a clear enough way so that the Ms. General is impressed.  Also it would help gather troops for my defense of Team Vampire Lumberjack..and leave my opponents in the hair lying on the ground....So here goes a little information.
So remember to leave a comment and be prepared to defend it.
It's Team Vampire Lumberjack versus Team Werewolf Bootlegger. 
Normally I am for the werewolves..no matter what...but that word...Lumberjack.  It makes you think of sweaty men, muscles bulging and physical "wooden" activity.  I am not saying that a Bootlegger can't "dance" but a vampire that climbs trees, yells timber and works outside...He just has to have that extra "ummpphh" needed to make you close your eyes.  So I would have to say that I am totally Team Vampire Lumberjack.  Besides... just think how much fun it could be to "warm-up" the Vampire...Werewolves are already heated up without the foreplay...lol .. You want to check out what I am talking about click here: http://moirarogers.com/blog/archives/2261/

Before you decide to go against my team let me explain a few things:
Vampires have strength, stamina, are highly "combustible" (wowzer) and you don't have to cook for them....so no clean up either..(yeah Vampies)  Yes, your neck may look good, but they don't take without giving..if you catch my drift...also you don't have to worry about that turkey wattle you call a neck--if you date a Vampire....they don't care about the package...they are all about the "inside"..lol...  Vampires also have a tendency to be "up" at a mortal's bedtime and you don't have to worry about having tests taken or even getting a rabies shot...Now before you make the mistake of thinking that I don't enjoy a little werewolf romance..remember this is a blog battle for one or the other...but if I could make the ultimate sacrifice of body  I would definitely have a wolf/vamp experience...lol

Let's hear it for the Vamps!