Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice in

So I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie and I have to say that it wasn't bad.  The cartoon from Disney really got on my nerves because half of the time it didn't make sense. This version was actually decent in my opinion.  I wouldn't say that is was the best Disney movie but for an Alice flick it was cool.  I liked the Sy Fy version better but that is neither here nor there.  Based on theater seats in my town, others liked it too.  I think that overall the new Alice was a strong character that didn't seem too dopey.  Johnny Depp as the Hatter was great.  It gave a new meaning to madness..or breakdown in this case.  The acting was well done and the CG was great.  I loved the fact that the Red Queen had such a hugh head and that the White Queen wouldn't hurt a living thing..but had no problem with the  Because the Alice movie is set after young Alice has grown up, the movie is a little more mature than the animated version.  The Hatter is heard to say "You are always either too tall or too short" and at one point it looked like he wanted to kiss Alice.  ***Spoiler***** The Jabberwocky's head bounding down the stairs made me glad that it was rated PG...but that was the only "Parental" advice needed.  There wasn't any cussing or nakedness..not to mention no making out or anything else that I wouldn't like to see for a kid's movie.  So I would say:  thumbs up as a family movie.