Monday, July 27, 2009

Friends Leaving and summer's going

So I helped Tiff pack up her classroom materials today. She is getting married soon and I need to figure out a wedding gift. Maybe she is registered huh? Well we didn't finish the packing in the car part. The reason is because she has such a small car that we couldn't fit it all in. I can't believe her other friends didn't bother to show up to help. But that's okay, we got most of it done. It's getting closer to the end of the summer and I hate that. I love being able to sleep late and not worry about grading papers or behavior problems. I didn't accomplish anything I set for myself but I don't care. I will later but I don't right now. We are getting together tomorrow at San Jose's for a goodbye lunch. Tiff said that a good number is suppose to show up. I just hope we get our checks tonight so that I will have a little extra money. Even though I will be giving mom a good amount so that some bills get paid, still I do need the money. I really do need to clean my room, but I can't seem to get motivated to do it. I need to reorganize the whole house but I don't have the help for that. Well, I guess I will try to find some lunch. Don't know what I feel like eating though.
Any suggestions for a wedding gift? Please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Okay so I wondered why Twilight fans scream a lot. I personally love the books, the movie, and most of the actors I could watch in other movies, but I hope I don't ever become one of the screaming "Twi-fans" that follow everyone around. That would really hurt my pride and my ears. Can you image having to wear ear plugs because of screaming fans or even having a doctor say, "Well, Mr. Facinelli, (Mr. Lutz, Ms. Greene- insert the actor you desire) I am sorry to inform you that you have a busted eardrum. You may lose 10% of your hearing in that one ear. On the bright side, Comic Con is coming up and I hope to see you there.) Oh, please that's like telling an athlete you broke your elbow but at least the SuperBowl is next week.
Like I said though, I wondered why they scream so much and then I figured it out. The screamers have no clue to the level of their pitchiness. It wobbles with intensity and pitch. The whole scream grates on your ears and makes you want to duck your head in a sound proof room. Oh well, maybe some day they will understand and know to talk in a reasonable voice. Actors have to put on their clothes one leg at a time and pull down their britches to sit on a toilet and use it. Not that I want to smell the use but I know that they do. Biology demands it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

so now what

Okay so I was taking care of a dog, that wouldn't eat like she should nor was she drinking water as she needed to. I took her to the vet and they kept her because she was dehydrated. I don't know if I want her boarded or to bring her back home with me. Oh well, it will be up to the owner to figure that one out. GTG

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I won a contest

I know it seems crazy but an author that I love to read was having contest for different books. In case you like to read her stuff it is at and she runs contests a pretty good bit. But I actually won a book and Nalini is sending it to me. Is that not wild?! I might have bought the book yesterday though but that is okay because I can give away the copy I bought and keep the one from Nalini (who by the way is a fabulously sweet person). How crazy is this, but I will be going to town to buy Nalini's new book that was published yesterday but wasn't on the shelves in town. Since I live in Robeson County and there is NO BOOK STORES in the whole county, I have to wait until either Walmart or Kmart gets the book. Or I could drive to Fayetteville but I don't want to go all the way there just to pick up one book, even if I love the series. So right now in my mind--- you can't tell me nutin'. lol ;)

I twitter therefore I am

okay so I twitter too... I thinks it's great to find out what is important to different people. This way I get info without being the paparazzi (is this how you spell that?). I don't think that people should be disrespectful. It's one thing if the celebrity puts out the information about themselves, it's quite another when someone stalks you, goes through your trash, or follows you around all day long. You know I think that would get boring. I teach and I don't like for my kids to follow me around a classroom much less someone with a camera stuck in my face.
I twitter the people that I want to know about at the time. Right now, I'm interested in how New Moon is going so of course I twitter the stars of the movie. While I think it would be grand to meet the cast, I am not going to stalk them to do it. I wonder how they feel about twitter and blogging being a way to out-think the paparazzi? You can twitter and blog anytime and anywhere, without someone shoving a camera in your face or flashes blinding you. I'm just not sure it photos are possible on twitter but hey, it's a thought. So I guess my thinking machine is slowing down. So I will sign off right now. C-Ya

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Waiting waiting waiting

Okay, so once again I am waiting for a book to be placed on the shelves. In case you ladies need a new author I have a few if you are courageous enough to try them. Lora Leigh or Nalini Singh for animal in you, Christine Feehan for the vamp lovers, and for those that love the strange try Jean Johnson, Allyson James, Susan Kearney, or even Robin McKinley. If you want to talk books I am perfectly willing assuming I have read it.
But those are not what I am waiting for: I am waiting for about 3 books: C.L. Wilson (Fading Lands Series 4th book) Nalini Singh, who is a fabulously sweet lady (Branded by Fire) Lora Leigh (next in the Breed Series)

I am also waiting for the new season of NCIS... love it. I wish that Dr. Who would come back on and Blood Ties was not cancelled. But hey life is not for regrets. I have a mission, and that mission- because I have accepted it- is to find Undercover Blues on DVD. lol... I love that movie and I will find it because I have burnt out my VHS tape of it lol. Oh well, I should sign off now. Have a headache so prayers would be appreciated... *smile
Find love and peace guys, that is what I am searching for myself...w/g

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Is it really a vacation when you spend your time babysitting or dogsitting? Not that I have a major problem dogsitting, I love my dog and he is getting old so I don't trust a lot of people with him, but it would be nice not to have to worry about him sometimes. I teach 2nd grade and I love my kids, most of the time, but a summer vacation doesn't turn out to be a vacation. I spend it cleaning and taking care of other stuff. But this year I decided to be lazy for about a week. It has been great. Sleeping late and staying up late. Not worry about the time. Then I said yes to house/dog/catsitting. I tried to say no to going back to work for a day (without pay mind you) but "no" was not an acceptable answer to my boss. Great huh? Well I have plans. Just haven't sorted them out, but I have plans to relax.. and for a change only one festival this summer. But there is the Lumbee Homecoming and I really shouldn't miss it. It is this weekend along with the 4th of July fireworks. We'll see.