Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's been a while

Ok so I know that I haven't  been on here in a while but work has been very busy.  I really want to move to the mountains and that is the plan for next year.  I hope to open a B & B (a bed and breakfast for the great unwashed) have fell in love with the lodge on Sheelah Clarkson's website.  If I could afford it...I would snap it up.  Before I forget...congratulate me!  I got a Kindle for Christmas- and I didn't have to buy it for  I know I'm behind the times but I put a lot of my time and my money on books for my students instead of myself. 
My dog has this habit of putting his nose on my feet.  That is a cold nose ya'll!  So I been giving some thought to actually dating again.  Don't know if I'll actually go through with it but I've thought about it.  Sad huh?..*smile....that's okay- I have my dog, my niece and nephew, and friends---not to mention 2 brothers, a mom, dad, and host of other family members..*grin*...even if I wish they would mind their own sometimes.  Oh well....right now I plan to curl up with my kindle and warm my feet back up... so ya'll have a great night....think of