Monday, November 23, 2009

Field Trips

Why do we go on field trips with 2nd graders? Are we gluttons for punishment? That may be true but I do believe that we have lost our minds when we take 90 some 2nd graders on a field trip with 5 teachers, 4 assistants, and a student teacher that has no clue what she is in for.....But that is okay because the students have to learn how go on field trips without getting lost in the long run. Or if they get lost, know that someone... usually me because I have a big mouth, can find them. Why am I asking these questions? Because I am going on a field trip with 16 2nd graders and no assistant, no parents, and no other adult help.... Why b/c I've lost my mind. Maybe I should have taken tomorrow off and I wouldn't have to deal with the drama tomorrow. I hope that the ones that are not going on the trip will stay home, but if they come to school I will have work for them to do. Don't know exactly what, but I will have something for them to do. I'm apt to say that they need to help in the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes. I probably will give the ones in 3rd work to do.... Don't think that they can help the 3rd graders. Well, I think that I will turn in... or at least tone it down. I am starting to get stiff here. Going to finish watching "Ghost". :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I figured out why Facebook is so addicting. Because other people get on there and talk to you. Some of them actually make sense so it makes for interesting conversation. Do you know how hard it is to turn down interesting conversation? About as hard as it is to just eat one french fry. Facebook is about people connecting and understanding yourself. I am not telling people to get on Facebook and become a member. If they do, great, if not then big deal. I am just one person trying to understand why so many have turned to Facebook and have turned their backs on MySpace. Well, at least most of my friends have abandoned MySpace. But I have been able to find people that moved away and those from high school. I didn't realize that I missed those people as much as I did until I found them on Facebook. I wish that a few more of my friends would get on Facebook and then my circle would be almost complete. It would be great to able to find them and have insteresting conversations.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

getting some work done

So it's Veteran's Day and I actually have the day off without having to take a sick day. I will be trying to get some work done on the computer that I just can't do while in the classroom. The kids don't give a lot of down time there. I know that some people think that teachers are glorified baby-sitters or they have a sit down job--- I think that those people should volunteer in a teacher's class for one week and see all the things we do. I mean really- the accidents, the fights, the talking back, the arguing with everyone, the rudeness, the laughter, the sickness, the fun, the learning, the cleaning up behind them, and all the other standard everyday things that we deal with. The positive and the negative. It is not about all the negative but the classroom is a work in progress every minute. I have fun with my students and I know that they enjoy parts of the school day. But I am realistic that they don't enjoy it all. Otherwise the students wouldn't listen when an adult had to discipline them. This doesn't mean touching a student. You can discipline with consequences. My students know the consequences of their actions. They CHOOSE to obey the rules or accept those consequences when they break the rules. Well, I think that I will take a little break from the computer and go find some snacks. I am getting a little hungry and thirsty. Wonder what the family is up to?

Monday, November 9, 2009

I will figure it out.

Right now I have not added music and photos to my page but I will. As soon as I figure out how. It was so much easier to add stuff to my school webpage. Speaking of, I need to update it and add a little sparkle. If you have suggestions please let me know I am always willing to listen, I just might ignore the advice... but don't be offended, I have a tendency to revisit advice given and take it later. lol
If you teach and you have ideas, please share. Thanks *smile

Back to Rock

Okay so I don't have a lot to say about the fact that I haven't been on lately---except to say... it was not my fault. I was having tech difficulties with the laptop. It took a while to fix. But at least I have it back now. OMG, can't wait for next Friday. I will be taking a half day so that I can make sure that I am in line to watch my movie. Oh well, I plan to have a blast with or without my baby watching it with me. I don't know what to say about the mouse I keep hearing in the house. It is driving me crazy. He will have to go... dead for the count is the plan. One way or another that mouse will die.
I can't believe that I was talked into going to the beach in the middle of January. Have I lost my mind? Anyone want to go with me? I have to do some workshops and I am sorry to say that this will be on a Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday morning. No fun for the nightlife. At least I don't think so. I don't think we can plan for dancing. Unless someone knows something I don't.... Still waiting to hear if anyone wants to go with No worries. I'll find something to do. Maybe I'll get a couple of friends together and watch them fish... I don't fish. Love to walk on the beach but I don't fish.