Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christine Feehan has a new book out!

So CF has a new "Game" book out- you know- the series about the Ghostwalkers and the tough females that came before  Well the next book in the series is called Samurai Game- and while I do have a kindle (finally) I bought the print version.  Because I have the complete series in print and I don't want to stop that now.  I am a fanatic about keeping my series in the same format as I start them.  So I am about to begining my first NEW BOOK of the summer.  This a book that just came out- not one that has been published and I just didn't have time to read the copy when it was published.  so *squeee* I get to read a new book at the same time as everyone else...and NO ONE GETS TO DO THE SPOILER THING!  YEAH!!!! ---- on to my book.hehehehe

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still haven't figured out how to put the extra posts on the Random Reads page but I will

Found a new author.....sort

I've found out that I really like author, Autumn Dawn and her series about Darklands.  But I have to say- I didn't think I would.  It has to been read in a sequence.  If you don't start with the first 2 books in the series you can become totally lost.  I'm one of those readers that likes to jump from book to book without having to spend time staying in sequence.  If I want to read the 5th book and not the 3rd then I expect to have whatever background knowledge written in that helps me to do that.  I don't get to read books in sequence that often because I'm at work from 7:00am til about 5:00pm.  So sometimes I just want to pick a book and go. 
While the Darklands series should be read in order- I didn't really do that- but I did read the first 2 books before beginning that series so I was able to pick up the different books out of sequence without having to fight a headache to figure out what was going on.
Just in case you like a heavy dose of scifi with our werewolves (called Haunts in this series) you need to pick up the first 2 books.  The Dark Lands: Coming Home  and The Charmer.  I read The Charmer first- I really recommend this book.  It was funny and here's the kicker- the men were considered to be VIRGINS ya'll.  I mean in this place- once you bed you were wed.  Men were allowed to kiss and tease but the bed was for serious relationship status.

Really need a break!

It's been really hot here lately- and I don't mean the men darlings!  On the other hand my nephew got to play some football with Michael Oher and other athletes this morning.  How cool is that!  But right now I am waiting for a cool front to hit the state...or at least my  I will be back on a little later- have to do some work...I hate having to think when I'm

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's been a while

Ok so I know that I haven't  been on here in a while but work has been very busy.  I really want to move to the mountains and that is the plan for next year.  I hope to open a B & B (a bed and breakfast for the great unwashed) have fell in love with the lodge on Sheelah Clarkson's website.  If I could afford it...I would snap it up.  Before I forget...congratulate me!  I got a Kindle for Christmas- and I didn't have to buy it for  I know I'm behind the times but I put a lot of my time and my money on books for my students instead of myself. 
My dog has this habit of putting his nose on my feet.  That is a cold nose ya'll!  So I been giving some thought to actually dating again.  Don't know if I'll actually go through with it but I've thought about it.  Sad huh?..*smile....that's okay- I have my dog, my niece and nephew, and friends---not to mention 2 brothers, a mom, dad, and host of other family members..*grin*...even if I wish they would mind their own sometimes.  Oh well....right now I plan to curl up with my kindle and warm my feet back up... so ya'll have a great night....think of