Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christine Feehan has a new book out!

So CF has a new "Game" book out- you know- the series about the Ghostwalkers and the tough females that came before  Well the next book in the series is called Samurai Game- and while I do have a kindle (finally) I bought the print version.  Because I have the complete series in print and I don't want to stop that now.  I am a fanatic about keeping my series in the same format as I start them.  So I am about to begining my first NEW BOOK of the summer.  This a book that just came out- not one that has been published and I just didn't have time to read the copy when it was published.  so *squeee* I get to read a new book at the same time as everyone else...and NO ONE GETS TO DO THE SPOILER THING!  YEAH!!!! ---- on to my book.hehehehe