Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think that I could be a movie critic

I love to watch movies, but I do have a little standard... I only like the movies I  I love to watch movies.  It helps you to think outside the box and gives you a chance to get out of your head.  I'm sitting here watching Oceans 13 and it is so much fun.  I really like the 3rd one.  Not the other 2 weren't good, but this one was about justice, not revenge or helping yourself.
I also love to watch the Bring It movie series.. for teeny bobs I like the 3rd and 4th better.  The first is not bad but I really don't like the 2nd movie.  It's just a couple of cool movies to watch with the preteens.  The teenagers nowadays would think that it's a little too "pretty" or "clean-cut" for them but for the younger kids it's cool.
If you like Eliza Dushku and you are a fan of the horror genre then you may enjoy  Open Graves. It's kind of cool for a sci-fi/horror flick.  It has a more sinister board game Jumanji almost feel to it.  The main difference is that the players' (about 6 of them) lifes are affected as the game is played.  It truly is a life or death game being played.  As Eliza's character states, "Everybody can win or everybody can lose" and that pretty much depends on the game, how you play it, and your intentions (character/personality).
Avatar is great movie.  The problem I have with it, is the language within it.  I understand that it really wasn't made for the kids but a lot of kids went to watch it.  And I know the main character had a military background but the movie wasn't about the military until the last 30 minutes or so.  There could have been a way around the majority of cuss words being used. I would have been happy to watch this movie with my niece and nephew (8 and 10) as many times as they would have wanted if not for the language.  As it was I went with my brother first so that I could see if I wanted my kids to see this movie and I wouldn't even take them.  I plan to buy the movie true, but I would not ever take kids under 15 to see the movie.  The movie had great CG (computer generated) effects and the relationships between the characters didn't become intimate on the screen.  The characters has a great rhythm with one another but the main relationship was between the characters and the planet and life as a whole.  I fully recommend it to my friends from college and we are the anime sect without being "immersed" in the culture.
As of right now that is as far as I want to go in my critic career.  I haven't gone to the movies in about 2 weeks so I'll have to wait for the next one that I "have" to see before I can chew the movie fat with you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chuck me in the shallow water

I feel like I am trying to tread water in mud. A friend leaves our boss's office crying and she won't tell me what is going on.  Well she said it had something to do with her not "being at her station" when the students came down the hall.  But in her defense, they let the students go 5 minutes early and her daughter had to go to the bathroom.  I don't know when we got to the point in which everyone has more rights than teachers, but we are there.  I would like to be able to offer comfort but she was told it could cost her job if she talked to anyone... how does that help someone cope with stress and stuff that life pushes in your face if you are not allowed to speak unless you want to lose your job.  I mean really...I wasn't asking for details... I just want to make sure that my friend is okay.  I want to know that she understands that I am there if she needs me and that she can get through it with God's help.  But I can't advise anyone when I don't know what is going on.  I can only say "Take it to the Lord in prayer" and pray for her myself.  Why is it okay to hurt people and to not see both sides of the story?  Why do we even try to be fair in today's society?  We tread water that is mostly mud.  We breathe air that is so thick that we choke.  So chuck me in the shallow water before I get too deep.  Give me breath that I don't have to swallow.  I want to see through glass that is transparent and not rose colored.  Things are not black and white.  They never have been.  Gray is such a strong part of us that we can't see it anymore. It's one way or the other and compromise is never heard from.  The same person should not get their own way all the time.  It's not good for anyone to have everything the way they want it to be. 
I guess I'll try to talk to her again and if she doesn't want to talk, I'll pray.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mythbusters, Whiz Kids, Misfits of Science, or The Secret life of an American Teenager

I watch Mythbusters pretty regularly.  I have to say that I am a fan and enjoy watching the myths being tested.  That being said.. I really like the episode in which they take on McGuyver. I think McGuyver was a great show because it was fun to watch and had a lot of critical thinking decisions that were made by Mac.  Well, on Mythbusters...Jamie and Adam stated that they enjoyed McGuyver got me to thinking...were the shows from the late 70s and early 90s better for the youth than the shows that are seen today? Case in point "Whiz Kids" verses "The Secret Life of an American Teenager."  WK is about a group of friends that use a computer to solve mysteries.  TSLoaAT is about a girl that gets preganent and still attends high school.  Wk showed that kids using computers and building their own is a positive thing.  TSL is about bad decisions being a little gloried.  I am not saying that there isn't anything positive about TSL but when the series revolves around an accidental preggo girl who then has two boys almost chasing after her, how is this suppose to discourage teen pregancy?   Maybe I am looking at this wrong but sometimes I wonder if the only thing worth watching is old movies and tv series.. when I can find the whole collection.  I guess that's why I'm on the computer so much.. old well.TTYL

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mr. Darcy

So I don't have a Mr. Darcy.  I wonder how one goes about getting one for her own?  The man that the character was based had to exist. And if not then what was he? A dream, a thought, an ideal?  If he was only an ideal then I would hate to imagine the kinds of men that Darcy was the antithesis of.  Were they men of hypocrisy or bigotry?  Maybe men of conceit and lacking in intelligence or maybe even men that lacked faith in the fact that women had reasons for their decisions other than the chance to be  a part of the social elite.The image of Darcy walking through the fog in order to talk and grab at his one chance at happiness grips me.  I would dearly love to be able to know that someone loved me enough to throw caution and status to wind just to be with me.  Not to mention that he asked her twice, put his pride on the line the last time, to be his bride.  To give him the chance to show her that they could make a match of it and not a muck of it.
The reason I don't think that he offered his pride the first is that he thought that she should be "grateful" for the chance to be his wife.  I think that he was very shocked to know that she didn't want to be his bride because of her pride for her family.  I love the fact that at the end of the book she understands that she has let her own pride and prejudice be a stumbling block for her chance at a marriage with a man that would dote on her and try to please her.  I mean look at  Darcy's sister, she only slightly protested the gifts he gave her and just accepted that he gave her what she wished for or longed for.
I am glad that we don't call our husbands..and wives.. Mr. "Bennet" or Mrs. "Bennet"  I mean, really andthe fact that two of the sisters only cared about meeting men and looking for another change to get married.  How crazy is that.  But then again this is coming from someone that did not grow up in that age.  I might have been just like Kitty.  Which if I had to choose, I think that I would rather be like Lizzie.  I am not beautiful enough to be Jane.   I suspect that I would have been Lizzie's best friend Charlotte.  Trying to find a way to better my station because my parents haven't a dime and no estate to pass on to me once they had died. Oh well, I guess that's why the Good Lord made sure I was born in these times and not the ones from before.  I don't even know if I could have survived the 50s and 60s with a sane mind..  Especially if my mother was like Lizzie's.  But I can understand her thinking in wanting the best for her daughters.  She did as thought she should in order for them to have a better life or at least a life in which they were taken care of.  Not to mention how greatly she judge the weather and the like.  LOL
Well, "the bright day is done, and we are for the dark." (Shakespeare)
In other words, good night all

Friday, January 1, 2010

Movies: The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

So I will admit I went to see the Squeakquel.  I went with my mom and my brother Phillip.  It was funny and surprisingly true to life in the way kids react and bully and tease at school.  The jocks that picked on the new kids... the one that was so use to the attention suddenly not getting it and decides to trash/threaten then become friendly with the one who is.  Also the fact that students seem to think that social status and popularity is more important than family activities and feelings of siblings.  On a positive note, I loved the music and the fact that the movie had the principal love the Chipmunks. It shows that principals and other staff members are people too.  As a teacher I love it when you find movies that show teachers are people that try to help, listen, and try to better their school- not just as those people that lecture, bore others, sleep, and pretty much are a negative aspect of school to the students.  I also liked the fact that the principal in the story was able to control a multitude with just a finger.  That was so funny to me.
So for right now I will be signing off for a little while.  I will let you know that I plan to buy the CD..not necessarily the DVD.  I love music remember... and this had some great songs in it.

New Year's Eve

So here I am, once again since leaving Greenville, alone on New Year's Eve.  I guess I should have went over to a couple of friend's place for New Year's or gone to the church for the New Year's service.  Oh well.  AToo late now.  So I have no idea what I'll be doing next year but hopefully I will enjoy the ride.  If I'm lucky I will still have my family and friends and my boo (dog).  If I am real lucky I might have a Heaven sent guy with me too.  So I guess I will watch the ball drop on tv and listen to some music on the laptop.  Oh I am running an experiment.  I am going to see if the laptop turns off at midnight.  Someone from the tech dept decided it would be a great idea to turn my laptop on automatic shutdown... I hope it doesn't work because I would hate to have to ask them to fix it....I'll be back in a little while... I will be checking in from time to time tonight.

Guess what.. it did turn itself off.  But I know how to fix it.. fix the person that did