Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here's hoping this works!

I found another book to share ya'll.....The Search by Nora Roberts.  It was great.  I really liked the fact that the heroine was a survivor.  She survived being a victim of a serial killer and having her fiance killed.  She also created a job that helped her help others. The funny part is the guy she's interested in...doesn't want to be interested in her- key words here- want to be.  But he loves the fact that she is so strong- even while he hates the fact that she is strong enough to not really need him.  The characters are thought out and fun to "watch"- because to me- a book is a movie that is read.  I see these characters and their actions.  The better the storyline the author gives- the better my inner movie plays...and this was a great movie.  I've "watched" it 3 times since I bought the book.
The community can be a shelter as well as a cage.  Roberts did a fabulous job skating that line.  You knew the community wanted to protect her even while letting her live a life in which being a dog trainer/search and rescue was one to be admired.  I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a strong heroine and a guy that is strong enough to let her be the strong woman she is.

So I have new plans!!!!

I plan on moving next year.  My family and I ( a group of 8 people ya'll) agreed to move to the mountains.  Do you know how hard it is to get 8 people to agree on anything?  Well we all agreed to move next year.  We want the kids to be able to say goodbye and finish out the school year before moving.  I know what you're thinking- school hasn't started back yet- but guess what?  Soooo?  I teach and I made a promise to work this school year and I can't break my promise.  That goes against everything I believe in.  But...I will be starting to look for a new job as of next May.  I will be putting out applications and getting ready to start begging.  10 years of experience should count for something.  But I know it will be better for us all to get away for a while.  I am so ready for this!